What is cost to rent a ROOM in 2 Bedroom apt?

I'm in SINGAPORE 5 days a week, then fly back to Indonesia for weekends.

How much is a bedroom to rent with my own bathroom?  Ideally a 2 bedroom apt to share.  $1,000?

Next time provide with proper details as what’s your status in SG? Are you holding any work pass or not? Which area are you looking at?

Assume, you are holding work pass (EP or S pass), and when you said $1000, it must be HDB and attached bath room means Master bed room, then you may get at $1200 to $1500 for a single person or two in a 2+1 unit.

Closer to city is expensive.

If you stay in Orchard area, that is a expensive.

Somewhere in Yishun is around $700-900 for just the master bedroom .

If you rent the entire unit, it depends. Last time we stayed in Eight Courtyards, we rented 2 bedroom for 2 years worth $2.3k

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