Probationary Period

I  was employed  at the airport in one of the agencies there and I am under probationary period. I reached my 1month and 1week and I filed a resignation. They told me that I cannot transfer my visa because my visa is a government visa and that it will take me 6months before I transferred it again or else I have to pay the penalties. Note that before I applied to them I am already an 18visa holder and the visa that they got for me is still visa 18 the validity is 2years.
They told me also that I need to pay the cost of visa,civil id and cost of uniform that they gave me.
In the offer letter that I signed it is written there that both parties can withdraw the employment during probationary period without obligation. If they want me to bear the cost of new visa and uniform cost, it should be clearly stated in the offer letter. Also, about the technicalities of my new visa, nobody told me about it, that I am under government visa and I cannot transfer it when I want.
I want to know if my company is saying the truth about me under a government visa while my visa that I'm holding is still visa 18,which I know is a commercial visa.
And I want to know if it is right to pay them on my visa cost and uniform cost while I am not informed from the beginning that I should pay this if I withdraw my employment within probationary period. Because if I knew all of this, I should have not work with them in the first place.

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