Update address, permit B (UE)


I'm sorry that I opened a new thread but nowhere I didn’t find complete information.

Do I have to change my address in residence permit B? I always live in the canton of Zurich. In the municipal office, I heard that the canton of Zurich doesn’t change my address for permit because everything is in the computer system and on the paper registration card from the municipal office.

But on the forums I can see different opinions. Some write that I have to inform the migration office myself. The information is contradictory and I don’t know what is true. Could anyone from Zurich explain this to me?

Thank you.

It would be best that you ask at the municipal office?

At Kreisburo they say that I don't have to change the address in permit B, only at Kreisburo. But people on forums write that I need to talk to Migrationsamt. I'm looking for someone with similar case. :)

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