Hello myself Dentist from india. I was offered a job of dentist in Mauritius through a consultancy service of India.
Then i talked / interviewed by the employer of Mauritius. They asked me to send my documents attested by indian MEA, alongwith medical report which I sent to India consultancy office. So my employer of Mauritius started visa and work permit process.
He was about to complete and send me the offer letter but I said I won't come to Mauritius as I am having my personal issues.
He asked me to pay compensation money that he had done after my visa and work permit.
In overall case I had not signed any agreement and contract with employer and not also with indian consultancy services, so how I am bound to pay him the charges. Even I have spent money for documentation and medical report from my end

Kindly guide


Here is a suggestion though I may get flamed :

1. Why don't you email to this office - which delivers Occupational Permit ( residence + work permits) for professionals ?
Mention the hiring company to see if it is legitimate in "employing foreign  Dentist"  without the Dental Council approval first.

Secondly  give the name of the consultancy agency in India.

You will know whether some so called immigration outfit is working with other 'agents' in India to scam foreigners with promise of work in Mauritius .

This is how the Work Permit  work, check the FAQ section:
http://empment.labour.govmu.org/English … fault.aspx

I don't know what kind of visa your prospective employer was applying  if you were coming on a Work Permit .
In addition , how can he make you an offer after the fact ?
Hence my conclusion that you are being scammed  .
What kind of job you were expected to get  because the dental council need to approve  your hiring.

Just to add to External’s very valid comments. I think there has to be a signed offer of employment in place before an occupational visa (assuming that is the visa your potential “employer” was going for) can be issued. It was certainly he case when I applied five years ago.

Sounds to me like you need to check it out before refunding any money.

Alternatively, if you haven’t signed an offer of employment you could just tell them “not a chance that you will pay for anything”, as legally speaking you did not have nor had you accepted the job.

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