Salary for 10 Year IT Professional

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What is the salary in Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)  for IT professional having 10 year of work experience in INDIA.

Also, what about tax system and other expenses.
Its quite urgent!!!

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Depends which type of IT job. At a guess the basic salary should be 10-15k per month. However, length of experience isn't always the way salaries are calculated. … t_2018.pdf

Income Tax is 28% when not tax resident i.e. if working less than 182 days in a calendar year. e.g. rest of 2018.

The Resident rates on annual salary basis are shown in this guide. These rates would be applicable from July 2019 onwards. … oklet.html

There are refunds for difference between the two types of rates once tax residency has been established. This retroactively recalculates tax to the resident rates and returns any overpayment.

Do read the tax guide carefully.

Hi Gravitas, Thanks for quick reply

Job is of software development of SQL database.

Glassdoor might help you set your worth or this guide breaks down your professional area - refer to technology section … k-2018.pdf

Expense question will be difficult to answer "urgently" as you had provided no information on your current living status.

Cost of Living can be estimated using Numbeo.

It’s depend which company you joined and how much is your skill required in the company and projects they have overall depend 10k to 15 k it depend person to person and company profile.

Best for you is to research on jobstreet and glassdoor for company review.

Best of luck.

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