Beach home rentals and sales in La Ceiba Honduras

Just thought I would bring this topic up.

Many foreigners are finding more and more beach homes for rent and new beach homes construction in La Ceiba. So, for the people that say "Roatan is the place" they are going to watch La Ceiba pass by them over the next few years with the low prices here in La Ceiba and more tourism coming here. Much more affordable in La Ceiba....
Both locations have their goods and bads. But, What I have found is the lower cost of housing and general cost of living are far lower than Roatan. This may be the sole reason La Ceiba Beach Club neighborhoods are popping up everywhere outselling all of Roatans developers over the past 2 years.

So on average, what are monthly rental costs for properties there and also in Roatan?

A new gated community is sprouting up in El Porvenir (5 min. from the airport about 10 minutes outside of La Ceiba)  It's right on the beach and the river.  There are only 16 lots available. The community will have a private interior road, 24 hour security and includes a riverfront common green area with a pool, as well as many other amenities.

Lots will only be sold to those willing to comply with the building requirements.  (American and Camadian style homes)  The owner is an experienced American builder who is currently offering to build custom homes at reasonable prices.  Construction has just started on the first two lots. 

The time to buy here is now as the lots are a bargain for the what is included and there is limited space available. 

The community of El Porvenir is a quaint and cozy bedroom community not far from La Ceiba.  Other expatriates have built homes and settled here as the community is quite safe and is surrounded by the beach and rivers and also offers many ammenities. You can contact me directly if you would like some more information.

ceibaexpat, could you please post in the classifieds or in the business directory ?



My husband and I are looking to find a modest place to rent - not interested in buying.

bettyk :

My husband and I are looking to find a modest place to rent - not interested in buying.

What price range and location are you thinking of. There's a 2 bedroom, 1 bath bungalow in Phase I of La Ceiba Beach Club for rent.

Thanks,  Chris Barrett

Hello Chris,

Do you have any beach homes for rent? At least 2 bedrooms..3 would be perfect. Also what does one need to rent the property.

Considering moving from the U.S.

Thanks, Dominique

Hello Dominique and welcome on board

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For increasing your chances to find a nice rental, please drop an advert in the required zone of the site :

Housing in Honduras.

This will be helpful

Kenjee Team

There are a few homes available for rent in Phase 1 of LCBC. I am currently staying in one. Depending on your timeline for coming down, a two story three bedroom could be available. You can private message myself or Chris for more information.

Beach too hot. Move to the mountains, above 3500 feet.

Hi just wanted more information about living in Honduras and what are requirements to buy

Requirements to buy:  get a good broker with different options instead of a broker that represents only one development and a good attorney that will represent you and not the other party. ***


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Thank you so much for this information it will help a lot.

You will need a Honduran attorney to start the purchasing process, a copy of your passport and a purchase agreement signed by both the seller and buyer.

As a foreigner you can purchase up to 3/4 of an acre of land with or without a structure. If you want to purchase a larger property or multiple properties you would simply need to start a Honduran corporation.

Attorney Jorge Lopez based out of La Ceiba can assist you with any purchasing, guidance and has a lot of experience with foreigners.


Chris Barrett

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