Expatriating Venezuelans Get a Break At Twelve-Nation Summit in Quito

A dozen Latin American countries meeting this week in Quito, Ecuador, decided to allow Venezuela's refugees to enter their territories even with expired travel documents.

This follows attempts by Ecuador and Peru to block Vens from entering those two countries if they don't have valid passports.  The Ecuadorian government's attempt at blocking .. wound up in a Quito court and may now be moot.

Venezuela did not sent a representative to the Ecuador conference.  Venezuela's official position is that the conference was illegitimate.

According to the United Nations, 2.3 million Venezuelans have exited their original country since 2014.

Source of conference results:  www.cuencahighlife.com

Some expat.com posts have already appeared on the Ecuador forum, where this information was posted a short time ago....


A list of ten of the countries relaxing their rules on Ven refugee admissions also appears at the above link.

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