how long will the appeal take time to approved or rejected

I had an employment offer from a Malaysian company. This company is buying a new type of pipe from an Iranian company and install it in water pipeline and industrial projects. I've been working in engineering department of this Iranian company for more than 8 years.
The first application and its requirements had been prepared about 4 months ago and after 2 weeks they rejected the EP application (the status was a local civil engineer can do this job). After that, the company said they want to do the appeal and the approval will take time about 1 to 3 months. Because they need to prepare the documents to prove that they need a civil engineer who has lots of experiences about this new type of pipe and someone who can talk and write Persian to be the contact person with the Iranian company. now it's about more than 2 months after the appeal and still no news and no update to approve or rejected the EP.

Is there any chance to get the approval this time?
How long will it take time to be approved or rejected?

Appeals are rarely successful.

The timeline I saw recently was 45 working days.

Malaysia practices protectionism for its workforce which is the reason for the rejection. It would be hard to counter the response from immigration.

I don't know whether there was a competitive process in which you took part and were selected against local candidates. But this would be the minimum requirement for an appeal - to show a competitive process and no engineers applied who were competent (language skills is a very weak argument).

The application remains rejected. There is technically nothing more for immigration to say or do.

A person could be sent to train local engineers, but that would not require special language skills or a work permit in Malaysia, rather a Professional Visit Pass would suffice (perhaps that might have been the best option from the outset).

If companies try to offer jobs to foreigners without due process it always ends in rejection.

Hello Gravitas

Thank you for making time and for your response.

In terms of hiring locals or competitive process, I should say they tried to employ local engineers and trained them at first. They employed a mechanical engineer and I came to Malaysia 2 times to train her. But, after 4 months she decided to resign because of difficulties in this job. The company tried to employ another local engineer and send him to Iran for training for 1 months. They did it but after 6 months they found they still have many problems with consultant and contractors and they still need someone who has lots of experiences with this particular pipe for the problems during installation as well as training locals for designing and installing these pipes.
besides they decide to set up a plant of this type of pipe in Malaysia in the future and they think it is essential to have the main company engineering designers.

But I have no idea if they submit these documents to the immigration department or not. or basically, these documents will work out or not.

I guess an additional problem is you visited Malaysia twice without a proper visa. So when they saw your passport stamps immigration rightly assumed you were working illegally here

However the company should have readvertised the position and you should have applied. That way it would have been the required competitive process and the problems once explained to back up your selection may have been successful

So appreciate Gravitas for your comments
I tried to do everything legal. For both times which I came to Malaysia the Malaysian company sent a letter to Malaysian embassy
in Tehran and explain them which they need me to go there for training their staff and the embassy gave me a different visa for going to Malaysia and train the locals.

Honestly I don't get it which you mean this is the end of the story and they certainly don't apply my appeal or still there is a few chance..?
Because 2 weeks ago I ask the company and they told me everything looks up. We prepared good and reasonable documents to approve your appeal and so far everything looks up (the company said)

Well time will tell, wont it.

Often in Malaysia cheapskate compamies pay so little staff turnover is very high - seen this often in IT with staff working a month before taking a better paid job with lower hours. Then rinse and repeat as promises get broken. Often with no pay rises available staff churn is awful in the worst companies . Employees are considered dirt in Malaysia by most local companies . Maybe same here as they here? They wont pay properly so staff quit quickly. Just asking! Have you checked this company out?  Also do note Malaysian immi is on an anti Iranian drive. Government kept saying too many as 50,000 legal and 50,000 illegal Iranians in Malaysia. Maybe thats part of the issue?

Hello Nemodot and thank you for your reply
In case of payment I talked with them in person and they had no problem in this case. Besides, the second guy which I trained him in Iran is still working in this company but, the company still think it is needed to have someone who has lots of experiences to train the staff because these type of pipe isn't produced in Malaysia yet and it's new in this region. This Malaysian company is trying to set up a plant in Malaysia and be the first company which bring this technology to Malaysia as well.

Yesterday I was talking with the girl who is in charge of doing the appeal, she told me the reason of rejection is not "this job can do with locals" . The reason was this position can't apply with foreigners and must fill with locals and they have to change the position.

And finally you are right. She told me on of the reason is ralated to be Iranian. They said the immi has lots of problems with Iranian which they are working illegaly in Malaysia and it makes hard to apply Iranian Visas.

They may get a PVP (Professional Visit Pass) approved where you stay on the payroll of your existing company in Iran and provide supervisory services to the Malaysian company.

But don't hold your breath. Changing the position won't help - immigration will just see it as being a constructive effort to circumvent their decision which is a big No No.

Hello All

Does anyone know how long will it take time to get DP Visa?
What's the next step if EP and DP have been approved?
and VDR is required for Iranian nationality or not?

Thank you

Hi everyone
My EPII has already approved and the company sent the AVL and VDR to my Email.

Just for information for everyone who is in my situation

First application date: 8th may
Rejection date: 17th may
Appeal letter: 25th may
Appeal approval: 27th Oct
Vdr letter: 2nd Nov
It was about 5 months to appeal approved

Tanx for the info mate

Hi my company said I appealed for category 2 visa. I checked in online visa status it showed rejected status. There is no updates showed in status.
How to check visa appeal status in online?

The only way to check is via email once submitted the appeal then the company should follow up thru an email...

Unable to check via online status?
How long it’s take to approval?
Once rejected,have a chance to get visa?

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