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I just recently got my EP approved and I require to do the Medical Check. I will be staying at near Serangoon mrt station.
Anyone could suggest which clinic or hospital that I can do the medical check up?
I'd asked my HR, they claims I can do the medical check up at my home country or any clinic in Singapore, however when i check MOM website , it claims Singapore registered clinic or hospital. I doubts if i could do that at my home country, Hence I decide to come over Singapore to do the Medical Check instead. How soon usually i can get the report?
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You can do in SingHealth centres, Access plus clinic, any Govt hospitals (these three are cheaper). Or else private clinics like Sheraton clinic.

They can give report in two days (normally, they send directly to MoM). You can bring IPA letter, passport and medical check up form available in MoM website. Good luck

How much does the cost of the medical check ?

Hi Vicky,

It cost me 58.85 inclusive of 7% GST.  I do it at private medical center.

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