Schools and daycares

We are planning on moving to Japan in early 2019 and we have a six year old who will be starting year 1 and a 14 month old daughter.  I grew up in Japan and went to St Maur International School in Yokohma so I am very keen to send my children to International School. However, we will have to live in between Narita and Tokyo (would anyone recommend a half way point to live, would this be Funabashi city) as my hubby will be working at Narita.  It's also been 25  years since I've lived in Japan myself so I'm sure lots have changed. 

I have no idea how to live as a parent in Japan and would like to know how after school and school holiday programs work for families living in Japan. I would eventually like to work in Japan as I am currently working part time in Australia and would like to carry on this routine especially since my daughter loves going to daycare.  Should I send my daughter to a Japanese kindergarten/daycare or would an international schooling for my daughter be recommended as well?

As for schooling for my son I came upon this website and am keen on St.Marys for their sports focus but I'm torn because I believe in Co-ed schools but maybe my son would excel in an all boys school? Who knows?  This was the website I saw in terms of schools:

Thank you in advance!


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