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Recently I got a job offer from CEGELEC oil and gas Abu- Dhabi. The designation offered is Communication Technology Officer and they are offering a pay of 18,500 AED. They will provide housing for family and free education for kids. But i doubt whether this offer is genuine or not because they have written in the offer letter that i will have to bear the visa expenses which they will reimburse within 5 working days of submission of Employee's expense report and receipts. Can anyone help me with some info about this company and the offer.
Thanks in advance.

No genuine co will ask you to pay visa expenses that will be reimbursed.. Unfortunately, I think its a fraud. Good luck!

It's french company that deals in electrical and mechanical jobs of oil and gas companies. Mainly it's a contracting company. About the visa fees, it's very common here. Most of the companies are practicing this as it's cheaper for them and beneficial for the candidate in many ways. Reimbursement differ from company to company. Most of the company reimburse with in first two weeks of arrival of the candidate. Good luck.

We have multiple threads on the forum about these so use the search button.

But simply, any employer that asks you to pay for ANYTHING is 100% a fraud and once you pay, you will never see that money again.  In the UAE, the employer is supposed to bear ALL of your expenses related to the visa and paperwork. The only thing that the employee has to pay for and get reimbursed later is pre-employment medical check up costs in home country and / or luggage shipment - that is it.

The way this particular fraud works is that they use the names of actual companies, use the real website even but the supposed HR Manager sends you an email from a free email address, asks you to get in touch with a travel agency and pay them the fees.  Then the money is gone.  Many people have been ripped off by these scams in recent times.  Oh and yeah, most of the companies are in the oil & gas or the healthcare fields.

thank you all for the wise advice

its good company you can join

Definitely a fraud. the company is genuine but the offer is a scam.

You might have applied through a facebook post. There was a whole article in the local newspaper about this. Have a read … -1.2259005

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