Ladies read this please

Hello everyone I've been a regular on here for some time now. But recently I've become concerned as there are guys using this forum as a dating agency. I have already messaged the moderator about my concerns as I'm being constantly preyed upon by guys who I know are trying to dupe women from western countries for visas. They use any sites they can find to  do this. It's called "bezness" . They ask me in literally the first question am I married and where I'm from so they can figure out if I'm a good candidate.! You tell me what does that have to do with expat information ? I hope this will not be deleted as I feel ladies need to be aware of those guys. They try and sweet talk you to get to like them please be careful I know their intention and its not good believe me be aware and stay safe
Moderator I have not received a reply to my message last week !

Hit the 'report' button on the message as soon as you see it.
If you see any members on line with a light bulb in a blue circle like mine, copy the text and the user's profile page URL, sent it to them by PM, and we'll look after the issue until the mod team see it by banning the offending poster.

You must copy the text so we can see what they're up to.

Thank you

You're very welcome - doesn't want stalkers and other weirdos disturbing members so we will remove offenders as soon as they come to anyone's attention.
The admin do as much as possible to keep this site safe but no system is perfect so we need your help to get rid of these people.
I know the mod teams are very overworked at the moment so some things get missed but the next layer, the members with the blue bulbs, can ban them for you as a short term cure if the mod teams aren't working at the time.

Thanx Fred I have taken care of this for now regards lynn

Is not just ladies there are just as many Moroccan women doing the same thing. This forum is not what it is meant to be due to the vast numbers of NON EXPATS.

It is not just men seeking women, but there are local women seeking men is all the same goal. It doesn't matter if a person is  married or not.  They will still try.

I usually don't  respond to people (male or female) local or not unless they are asking me about a specific  topic that seems  relevant to either a subject  in a forum, coping with an issue  involving a  family matter with an expat or a nation from my homeland, or someone  seeking genuine advice  about  immigration (by other means than me) to my homeland.
If someone is  asking you for a date and you don't know  them, report it and generally after the moderators review it that person gets removed. It is in the code if conduct that it is not a dating site. We all have to work together and protect ourselves and each other.

Why you fear??
If any one send messages you then you should ignore them and do not reply,  you are not child no one can mislead you

Khan.indian :

Why you fear??
If any one send messages you then you should ignore them and do not reply,  you are not child no one can mislead you

The members of this forum have the right to use it without being hassled - Your comment is wrong

You are 54 year age,
Who can dating you?

I did not mean that, I mean if anyone fear someone is dating and you do not want this person then you should ignore that person,
This is simple
Everyone has mind,

Khan.indian :

You are 54 year age,
Who can dating you?


Take a holiday until you learn some manners.

Thanx Fred now you can see what he have had to deal with.

' we' sorry

Lynn1964 :

Thanx Fred now you can see what he have had to deal with.

The internet is full of them so it's hard work keeping them away from the forum

Your right Fred thanx for your help

Hi Lynn,
Thank you so much for the post... I thought it was just me and being new I didn't want to offend anyone... a couple of guys have a approached me too.. One of them particularly persistent is asking me my age and that I show him a picture of myself...

Agreed what has status, age or showing face pics got to do with sharing ideas and experiences around expat issues...

Some of the replies in your post; demonstrate the misogynistic views that some men have towards women. 

Regards Gabby

Hi gabby thanx for your message to me, I'm glad to see a fellow woman support me and I know it's not just me. We have to be careful because these guys will try everything to make you let your guard down they only have one thing in mind and thats to use us. Please report anyone who treats you this way. Me too I like to help people but I know the ones who are dishonest . Be careful and take care

I've thought the same thing, more so with some other expat sites, but this one, also.  I've removed my photo and blocked messages for this reason.  This way, I can still enjoy using the forum.

Thanx for your message Bronwyn, stay safe

Another expat female here, who has seen the predators on here; which is why I wrote on my profile that 'I am not a visa'.

Lynn, if you're in Casablanca, maybe we can connect. Stay safe girls. :)

Indeed Fred, watch Frontline's "The Facebook Dilemma".

Thank you for this update, we laides must look out for each other now days.  No one wants to be a victim.  I appreciate you for taking the time to do this.  This is my third trip to Morocco and I'm married to a Moroccan man, and I look to this sit for Expat information, but I never accept people as friends on this website.

Me and husband trying to find a car to buy, and I need to find a good Doctor.  Thanks again for the warning message it's very helpful.

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