Dentist Siem Reap

Does anyone know of a good dentist in Siem Reap? thanks very much for any reply.

The International Dental Clinic on Hwy 6.  Head west on 6 and it is on the south side just a short distance from the river.

Thank you so much!!!!!

The dentist is set back just a little from the road and can easily be missed.   It is only about 100 meters from the intersection with Wat Bo St. and the traffic light.

Dr. Thai Seiha D.D.S. 078 91 78 78 side street near Canadia Bank SUPERIOR WORK. FAIR PRICES

Master Dental Clinic
Dr. Thai Sheia
He is my favorite

Thanks again you guys, your the greatest!

What does a set of dentures run, if anyone knows?

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