VIETNAM Doorless Homes

Why many building in Vietnam has one exit door and few windows? I have a one bedroom apartment with balcony on the six floor. The balcony is completely enclosed without an exit. The entire building has only one exit door. Each apartment has one door and one window. This makes the building very hot. It’ll be difficult for emergency exit.

Correct Attitude..?

Doors and windows cost extra to build and MUST be lockable

Emergencies?   Happen rarely.

Hope being the last to die...     :blink:

That's why your rent is so cheap.
Why is every problem unique to Vietnam.
I've seen a million apartments like that in NY and Europe.

Why rent it and complain about it?  That says more about you than the apt.

Every apartment building we've stayed in Vietnam, including this one, has fire escape. 

The buildings in Saigon have a side door for emergency exit on the ground floor and fire escape balcony and ladder on the upper floors. 

Every unit in this apartment building here in Vung Tau has access to a fire escape ladder.   The side window in the kitchen lets in the light, the side window in the back bedroom lets in the breeze, and the balcony does the same thing for the front half of the apartment. 

What I'm saying is that emergency exit does exist in newer buildings, and many homes and apartment buildings are designed so air can circulate freely inside the homes or units.

It’s a 2018 building. It’s a service apartment so not on a contact but it is not too cheap. Wish I could upload pictures. It’s a cute fully furnished brand new one bedroom with 2 AC. Strangely, there’s something that  maybe an escape but it’s lock. I asked about the lock but they speak so little English.

A lot of people died (including many children) a few months ago in Saigon in a modern condo building called Carina Plaza. I think they officially had fire prevention infrastructure but nothing was working and I'd say local Vietnamese tenants are not really aware of fire safety protocols compared to more advanced countries.

(Sigh...)   Sadly, self-awareness is a world-wide problem...

  No amount of whining gunna change that!!     :sosad:

Yes, i agree. My feeling is that for most of the Vietnamese buyers, Fire Escape issue is not on the top question list

This is not uncommon.  The first house we lived in, before moving to an apartment, had one entrance and exit.  It was secured by two doors.  The inside door was standard wood while the outside was iron bars.  I am sure most have seen this type of entrance.  I know I have been in countless homes in HCMC with exactly this layout.  The iron bar door had two padlocks one on the inside and one outside that could be reached through an opening.  At my insistence, despite real resistance from my wife, we stopped using the outside padlock while we were inside at night.  The idea of reaching through the hand opening and fumbling around with the key and padlock while trying to get out from a fire was something she had never considered.  Granted, the risk of burglary while we were sleeping was probably greater than the risk of fire.

Our apartment had lockable deadbolts and the building had two elevators, one at each end,  and two adjacent stairwells with metallic fire doors at each level.  It was much better from a fire safety perspective than the single three story home.

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