Shipping and Mailing from Morocco...

Salaams / Hello !!!

I am planning on moving to Morocco next year from the US. in sha Allah
My business is online, but someone told me shipping 'from' Morocco
is a nightmare -
Has anyone found another responsible way to ship or any alternative
ideas? Wouldn't mind shipping from Spain if need be... in sha Allah

Thanks / Shukran,

hi Meriam
im hassan from marrakech i export moroccan handmade goods to japan and usa. i isually use aircargo shipements it is secured .if you have less than 30 kilos you better use EMS.if you need any help contact me
good luck

Aamsy can you contact me and advise regards shipping and mailing..
What is ems? I am trying to start up similar business but to African countries and could do with your help and advise.

Thanks / Shukran for the reply Hassan.
30 kilos is pretty heavy - that is almost 70lbs. How much would that cost and about how long does it take to arrive in the US for both aircargo and EMS? I would be shipping books and educational toys - not sure if that makes a difference if it is for educational purposes.

Hello Hassan,
I am looking to export from Morocco to the USA. I would like to discuss with you shipping options the cheapest as I need some help finding the best options available to me.

Do you by chance have the Whatsapp where we could discuss the shipping options? I recently sent  a shipment and it was very high. I did not want to use DHL but it was used anyway.

I saw you mention that you use air cargo for shipping.  Any information that you can provide in regards to shipping would be extremely helpful

I appreciate any assistance you can provide.

Thank you,

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