Single entry visa

Hi all ,
My employer applied for my ep pass on 16th August 2018 and it got approved on 27th August but he is saying that the visa is single entry visa . So I want to know what is single entry visa . Waiting for the response .
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If your EP is approved, then ask employer to provide IPA letter. With IPA letter, you are legally visit Singapore (without a visa).

Now, coming back to your query, what is Single entry visa? It means you can only use this visa for one time visit. Where as in general, work pass (EP or S pass) will give multiple entry to Singapore, which means you can go out of country and comes in multiple times and this will valid till the work pass expires.

Note: In multiple visa case (valid for 1 year or 3 months)  , there should be a valid reason to visit multiple times. Each time visit, you must have return ticket and accommodation details in Singapore.

They have already given me IPA .
But my question is what if I have to visit home . Is there any exit reentry visa ??( Exit reentry visa is available in middle East , so if you on single visit visa in middle East then your employer can provide you with exit reentry visa )

You need to clarify what are you trying to say here. Didn't I tell you above that work pass (EP or S pass) will allow you multiple entry? Then, what do you mean to visit home?

Now see below, how it works here:

If you have IPA letter then you can enter Singapore without any visa(IPA letter is legal document which allow an employee to enter Singapore and work). After you enter, within a week you have to go through medical check up and same time your employer will be appointment for you at MoM, where you need to show your original documents, give finger print then photo shoot. After this session, it takes 4 days to get your EP card, which is valid for your multiple entry to Singapore (which means you can visit any where then returns to Singapore).

With the above information, now you find out what are you trying to say then get answer from it.

In the mail containing IPA employer mentioned that
" As discussed, you will be traveling on 2nd Sep.

Please find attached the approval letter. This has a Single entry visa for you to travel to Singapore.

Please carry your passport, print out of IPA (Approval letter) and all your original educational certificates." .

Can you please let me know about the second line??

It means to use this IPA letter to enter single time (as you can't show the IPA letter multiple times, this is for onetime use ONLY). After then you will have your EP card (you can see my above message to understand the procedure). Once you received your EP card, that would be your entry card to enter Singapore multiple times, till it expires. Good luck

Cool . Thanks for your clarification .☺️☺️☺️

I am in a problem!!

Actually, I received a job offer in Singapore. And, I also received an IPA presenting Single Visa Entry of Singapore to me. I entered Singapore on 29th Feb 2020, however, due to a family issue, I had to leave Singapore on the same day (29th Feb 2020) to my home country.

Currently, I don't have the entry visa of Singapore and am facing problem to find out the best procedure to apply for the same.

I will really appreciate any help provided.

You can apply entry visa at your home country and attached the IPA with a letter to explain the entire situation. Same time, write a mail to ICA, providing all the above details and seek ICA email confirmation. Carry all these documents with you, if require show to immigration officials at airport. Good luck

Okay! I will do this.

Thank you for your suggestion.

You also be in touch with your employer and their support is also very much required. Check with them, if they can approach MoM to reissue the IPA (though MoM doesn't send second IPA letter on a single approval work pass unless IPA letter was expired).

Secondly, your employer should firm with your employment and don't withdraw it. Market conditions are not in good shape due to Covid-19.

Lastly, your profile shows that you are from Iran, currently your country is in hit list of Covid-19. Hence, check with nearby Singapore embassy in your country or neighbouring country if still Singapore is issuing fresh visit passes to Iranians as I know many countries already stopped issuing new tourist visas recently. Good luck

My understanding of the situation is different from Surya's above - so please after clarifying with the authorities come back and post it here, so we see who is right:
The IPA allows a single entry with the purpose of having the associated work pass issued and start work. If it was used for any other purpose and you left the country (without getting approval for it - and a new entry visa, from ICA and/or MoM), then the IPA AND the associated work pass are lost.
If my understanding is right, then your employer would have to apply for a new  work pass - IF they still want to employ you (Surya's comments about the current situation are spot-on!).
Good luck - you will need it!

If the work pass shows invalid at MoM site after he left the country midway before he could get an appointment at MoM to go through the process to obtain the work pass card then his employer has to apply for a fresh one.

If it shows still valid then his employer can reach to MoM and inform the incident and strong reason why he couldn't wait for a week to get his work pass card before leaving Singapore.

Though his employer might have already communicated with MoM prior to him leaving Singapore. Then, what was MoM's response would be interesting to know. He can check his work pass approval validity in the below link.

Thanks, Surya, for clarifying this!


Hi, I am facing same problem now. I have a valid IPA till Sep 22. But I entered SG on 14/07 and left on 15/07 due to death in immediate family. Can I re-enter SG using same IPA or as an alternative can I use Tourist visa for me and my family to enter SG (since I only need entry permit) and later on within one month I try and get my SG Pass? Is that possible? Can you share your experience?
Kunal Dutta: The IPA is a one-timeentry pass for the purpose of getting a work pass issued and start work in Singapore.
If you used it instead for a short visit, the associated work pass might be lost.
Your employer should contact MoM to have a new IPA issued or to ask what else to do.
Do not try to enter without a pre-arranged visa or IPA!