3 Months Stay in Cologne, GERMANY


I am going to be in Cologne for internship within Erasmus+ Program and I would like to be staying there for 3 month between 4 September and 30 November. This is my first time in Germany. Can someone please help me where to find accommodation of 2 beds room furnished apartment etc.

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You should post an ad in the housing in Cologne section.

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For such a short period and since you need it furnished, you should look for a short-term serviced apartment. Google “Kurzzeitmiete Köln”).
This will cost you similar to a budget hotel (i.e. around €60/night), so that or a B&B might also be an alternative.

Thank you for your interest.

I have already checked but unfornutanely I did not find.

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Then book a hotel, at least for the first few weeks. You can then ask around after your arrival.
But keep in mind that just three months is too short for any regular (and more reasonably priced) rental. Sorry!

I would search via Facebook. "Köln Wohnung und WG gesucht". WG = shared flat.


Good luck! The Cologne housing-market is a disaster ...


thank you so much. I researched all I couldn't find.

Finding a furnished place for 3 months on the open market will be difficult and expensive. The best chance is a room in a shared apartment or WG in German. These are common for students and young people and one will normally find rooms advertised at any University. There are usually certain places where there are pin-boards for such things. But you will probably have to have a hotel or hostel to begin with since it is not so likely people will agree to give a room until they have met you personally. Students leave or go away for a semester and are happy to rent out their room for a limited time period. The question might be more of location and finding the fitting people. Availability probably varies a lot. I think the end/beginning  of a semester has a lot of turnover but by the middle of a semester it is much harder. Doesn’t fit to be quiet and studious and then live with a bunch of young people partying all of the time or vice versa. If one doesn’t find a furnished place, one can get the basics at Ikea or second hand and sell or give them away when you leave. This will still be cheaper than finding your own furnished apartment.

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