please help to identify a sendai restaurant?


I visited Sendai in 2012. My hotel recommended a nearby traditional restaurant which had fantastic atmosphere and food, but I cannot remember the name. Please could anyone help me to find it ? :)

Here are some points about the restaurant, point 2 is the most distinctive -

1. I was staying at the Westin Sendai and it was walking distance.
2. The restaurant had a VERY LOW almost hidden door. I think you would only find it if you had been directed there, not by passing by.
3. Inside it was traditional. I went there at night but I believe there were no windows. The interior was dark wood and, after entering, you could walk down the right-side of the room with a long bar on the left. I ate at the bar, but I think there were also tables along the right wall.
4. Although the interior was dark wood, it had a welcoming feeling.
5. The restaurant might have been famous for gyutan and that is why the hotel sent me there (cannot remember). In any case, that is where I first tried the delicious dish of gyutan.

I spent some time to google but I cannot find it. Thank you anyone who can help me to identify this restaurant.


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