Mail forwarding and scanning

Hi all!

I am looking for recommendations for scanning and/or forwarding of mail from the US.  I am uncertain if a family member would do this for me or do it in a timely manner.  Any and all suggestions helpful!

Thanks, Peter

I use US Global Mail .  .  .  .  .  .

They provide you with a Houston TX address. Fees are reasonable for their service and because of their volume you can get Fedex at a 50% discount. They will email you when you received mail and can view a scan of outside of the envelope, so you can either save it or trash can it.
If you don't want to have it Fedex to you they will also send you scans of the contents charging you per page. I have my mail forwarded when there is a bunch built up.

HIi Smitty

I use and have been happy with their service.  They will also mail directly to me (but it can be a bit expensive so I have only done it once so far)

Hope this helps


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