Work visa in Chengdu, can I work remotely out of Shanghai?


I have been working in Chengdu for about 1 1/2 years and had a plan, for the past year, with the management team to work remotely out of Shanghai. However my company has just told me 2 months before the planned move because we do not have a company entity located in Shanghai they would not allow me to move due to legal reasons. I have been told by HR from my friends who work for other companies that this is not true because they have foreigners hired in Shanghai but work in different cities full time from home offices (no company presence in those cities).

I have not been able to find the correct sites to do my own research on what is legal and what is not legal. Would someone have an idea about the laws and regulation or the correct website where I can do this research myself?

Appreciate any help in this matter.  :D


Hi ChurchS,

Do you already move to Shanghai?

Before i also worked in Chengdu for 2,7 years. But my case is i didn't work in the same company and moved to here since Nov 2018.

I just can use resident permit in Chengdu to make working permit in here and when they want to process my resident permit, i need to go back to Chengdu again to cancel it.
And get 25 days visa.
Actually long time ago no need go back to Chengdu again to cancel resident permit in there.

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