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I am moving to Santo Domingo. How much does a cellphone plan cost with a high amount of data?


I pay $2800 Pesos per month I believe data is unlimited at Altice

So, one carrier offers an unlimited plan for 2800 DR pesos = about $58 USD at recent rates. 

Not my thread, but i have parallel questions: which carrier offers the best COVERAGE across breadth and width of the DR.  Which offers the MOST RELIABLE service?

High data is great, but doesn't matter much if coverage is spotty and reliability low.

Thanks so much!

Does anyone know about Orange or Claro in Santo Domingo? Similar to  expatrusher's question, but more about cost again.

claro is the biggest and best in my opinion. Orange is 2nd in size and quality. Claro also does home internet and TV

I'm just a dumb old guy who doesn't know what "dat" means. I call, receive, send pics, videos Talk on Whatsapp.I buy pesos (less than$20 a month). have internet,u-tube if desired. Have used orange for many years. I'm out of the loop I guess.  x's & 0's are not my forte.  Can someone explain what data is?

great  helpful

Data is anything other than voice.

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Thanks, knowing that make me a nerd now?

Claro - Best coverage, Good speed for internet, best offer for roaming across all America - Note when I say America not talking about USA,  American Continent and not extra charges for calls or data while in roaming.  Cover 21 countries and the bad part is the most expensive.

Altice - Sucks and also expensive.

VIVA - Smaller coverage, best price per minuto for calls, and they forced Claro and Altice to offer unlimited data plans.  Good speed.  Their weakness is the small coverage across the country and also they need to add also more anthenas to strengthn their actual coverage.

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