Hard to apply job for foreigner

Hi there,

Do you have any advice to find job in KL? I am Vietnamese speaker looking for job as Business Analyst or Executive Assistant in KL but it seems so hard for foreigner to get job. Please help to advise. Many thanks.

Check for jobs requesting Vietnamese language skills.

Because Malaysians can do the jobs you are wanting, foreigners don't need to be hired.

Your languages are the best route to finding work. Get started that way.

You could try Jora and Monster.

Thanks for replying. I did but unluckily cannot find any job, even I tried on job posting portals. My skill-set is also not low. So hard about it. Do you have any reference?

The jobs will probably be in customer service. There are several on Jora. I just checked

Try sites like LinkedIn or Monster to find more opportunities. My suggestion for you is to look at jobs or roles that you are interested in, and see what kind of skills or experience that they are looking for in order to be considered for those.

Please note that it is quite a lengthy and expensive process for employers to hire foreigners, so they usually look for highly skilled or experienced individuals to justify all that extra effort.

It's not what you know, but it's who you know.
Try linking with other people who may give you tips or connections to land you that job. Keep searching and you'll find what you need.

From my personal experience, sites like jobstreet.com don't work. Too many people apply for the same job. To be frank, most Malaysian employers will hire a local rather than a foreigner. I don't know if it's a tax thing or a culture thing but unless you have a skill that is limited, you'll be hard-pressed to find a job through conventional methods.

All the best!

I also think that. They do not prefer foreigner. I found and applied to many jobs but no response at all. How difficult it is! Thanks for your sharing

If you are looking for customer service, we have a position might be a great fit to you ;)

Salary range is RM3,500-4,000. You can apply to *** ;)

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Great...thank you. I will share you my CV shortly.

As a foreigner in Malaysia, I know it can be hard. You MUST be aware that some people prey on this vulnerability and give you high hopes of a high paying job. I have experienced this on expat.com. A person posing as a school offered me a job with a high-figure salary. After some hard questions and no response, I called up the school and asked them if they were looking to hire or were posting an ad on expat.com, they affirmed in the negative. I concluded that they were trying to get my personal information.

Lesson: If a person is offering you a job with a high salary out of the blue. Second guess and make sure its legit.

Not really. Sometimes might due to not suitable for the position.

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