Family of 4 planning to relocate to Krakow from England

I have been given an opportunity to move from England to Krakow by my company to work for them.

Would really appreciate your help as I need information around

1) Schooling ( English - medium). Thoughts/recommendation around the English schools

2) Which area to rent a house?

Some background info about us

A family of 4 with 2 boys ( aged 6 and 3). My office will be near Galeria Kazimierz

Thanks in advance

I can recomended the Independent Nobel Prize Winners Primary School no 2 ( In this school are children who don't speak in Polish and they communicate with teacher and children (they have special Polish lesson for foreigner - but this school is for your son 6 years old. For younger boy i can recomended nursery school "Be happy" ( Both of this school take care a children up to 5.30 pm.

Area to rent a house - its depends what is the important - distance to your office or to school for children.


Hi, we are thinking to move to krakow on a permanent employment basis. we are family of 4, with twin kids of 4 years. what should be the schooling fees for international or english speaking kindergarten for the kids?

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