Montessori Primary School

Hi, any Montessori Primary School in Mauritius?


I am also looking for primary montessori school in the north.

As of now, i found:

Little Judy (Grand Baie)
L'ile aux enfants (Cascavelle)

Alexandra House (Floreal)
L'odyssee du Savoir (Medine)

Please share your comments if you have got any new ones or comments, specially in the north :D


Existing in the North - Lighthouse School

And new one opening in 2019 - Green Coast

Thank you Annierajoo however I have checked and the two mentioned schools are not montessorian but follows the IPC system instead.

Well, they are as much Montessori as you can get as far as I know. I'm not aware of any full Montessori school in the North.

There is a very interesting one in Medine (L'Odyssee du Savoir) - full Montessori schooling but it's in Medine :S

Anyway, thank you Annierajoo for your kind help.

Thank you very much @Dadith.
I am from port louis, we have one pre-primary La Maison Des Enfants.
But cant find one primary. Will let you know in found one in the North.
Thank for your help...:P

Hi.  We are moving in one month to Port Louis. 
Would it be possible to know of pre-primary schools?
Where is located the "la maison des enfants"?
many thanks for the support!
All the best

La maison des enfants, situated at at Mere Barthelemy street, next to Techtonic and opposite to Eglise Immaculee.
Good Montessori school.

Mauritius … 57.5005949

let me know if you need more information regarding the school.

Thank you very much!
we are a Italian family, and we are about to move for 2 Months to Mauritius (Port Louis) for work reasons.
We do have a daughter aged 3 y 9 M, named Margherita.
We would like to understand if it is possible to enrol Her three for The period October to December.
She speaks Italian, and knows a few words of English.
Further, we would like to know the monthly fare.
Thank you in advancefor your support


Any recommendations on what you will end up selecting?
Thank you!!

unfortunately nothing.

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