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I am from India and want to apply for an investor visa and start a business over there. Could anyone please help me/ guide me with the details for applying the visa and the procedures involved.

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The investment visa requires applicants to invest a minimum of euro 300,000 in fixed tangible or intangible assets.
You must apply at the French Embassy nearest to you.
Takes 3 months to issue if all relevant paperwork has been submitted and is in order.
Application cost is euro 370.

Check this site for details. www.welcometofrance.com/en/you-are-comi … -in-france

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Thank you for the quick reply.
Sorry to ask you again. what kind of visa should I apply for if I want to start a business in France and could you also let me know what the process or the procedures involved for that.
Also, could you please let me know if medical tests have to be done if we are applying for long term visa?

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You will need the business investor visa, for which you need euro 300,000 to invest.
All the details are available on the website I included in my previous post.

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