Where can I find gardening stores or markets in KL?

Hi all, I am finally getting around to sorting out my balcony! I have googled to find gardening nurseries/ stores to go and find plants....but no luck. Any recommendations of stores or markets? I am in KLCC/Ampang but happy to go further out to find a good selection at a reasonable price. Thanks !

Sometimes IKEA has some nice plants. There are nurseries around Sungai Buloh.

Yes I already checked out IKEA - mainly indoor plants. I will look at Sungai Buloh though.

In case anyone else is interested, I got a good variety of plants and pots at a very cheap price at Potters Garden near Sungei Buloh. You need to go by car or take a Grab there.

there are many gardening stores near KLCC some of them are  terra garden design sdn. bnd, eadon enterprise, home treasures, fragrance services etc...

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