Seeking a job in Singapore

Hi there, I'm going to relocate in Singapore soon. So I'm looking for a job at Hotel like receptionist or front desk officer. Kindly advise. Thank you.

So, if you don’t have job then how are you going to relocate? Coming under LTVP + or DP? Anyway, you can check job threads to understand what you could do in order for you to get a job here, which is difficult. Good luck

Actually I'm from Malaysia and few of my cousins are working in Singapore and they are staying in Johor Bahru. So, what I decided was apart from depending on them in finding a job, I'm try posting here on Expat's feed to seek advise from others and also asking through my friends as well. Anyways thanks alot  Mr.Surya for your kind info. Have a nice day 😊

Your earlier message was incomplete. So, without knowing head and tail, nobody could able to advise you.

You can visit job portals such as JobStreet and then apply jobs in your working field, if you got any call then visit here for interview. If you want to relocate after got job then you may stay near by your office area or if you don’t want to relocate then work here and stay in JB, like your cousins then you can follow your cousins. Good luck

Thank you Mr.Surya for your kind advise. Actually I'm very new to this forum feed, I'll try to elaborate on what I'm seeking for.  Besides that, I've been applying through Jobstreet and through their company's websites as well. I will go through the related forums and get some ideas. Again gratitude Mr.Surya  :)

Keep trying as sometime it takes longer than you think. But, what I understand in the market is if you know any referrals then try through them, as most of job aspirants find it easier to get a job here, instead applying using job portals or employer website. Please share your success story once you got a job here, it will help others to get self motivation. Good luck

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