Looking for partners to start surf hostel in Barbados

Hi, my name is Keva and my husband and I are surf couple looking to run an upscale surf hostel in our favorite place to surf, Barbados.

Having traveled all over the world in search of great surf, Barbados has remained the top of our list, and it doesn't hurt that my husband was raised in Barbados.

We currently reside in Brooklyn, NY and are part of a large surf community in the NYC area....and yes there is surfing in NYC!

My husband who started surfing in Barbados at age 8 is also part owner of a surf shop in NYC. Our lives currently and will forever revolve around the ocean and surf.

We spend time in Barbados every year and we've notice the lack of hostels. Barbados is a surfer's paradise and we are looking to cater to large amount of surfers frequenting the island every year.

We are looking for an investor to help make our dream a reality. We have so many great ideas that we gathered from our many surf adventures. We also have a friend running a successful surf inn in Costa Rica that will be helping us get set up properly. Coming from a construction design background I can't wait to create a unique surf hostel experience.

Please contact us to chat if you are interested and I will email you our business proposal for your review.


Hi Keva,

Welcome to the forum.

Make sure to post an advert in the Barbados classifieds under the Business partners section for better visibility.

Thanks in advance,

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