How long did it take for your Employment Pass to be approved?

Hi everyone,

For those who have just got their Employment Pass approval, and those who are already working in Malaysia, I have the following questions:

1) How long did it take from document submission to get your EP approval?
2) What job title or sector are your working for?
3) What is your nationality?

Many thanks in advance to all those who would like to share their experiences.
I'd like to have a roguh idea as my husband's company has just started the process via a professional agent .

If its one of the international immigration firms then it could take as little as 5-7 working days but average 15 days. Each case is individual even for the same nationality. But for example, Indians is usually longer because of additional steps required, including collecting the VDR (single entry visa) which British citizens don't have to get. It's also not based on sector. A lot depends on the employer having its paperwork about incorporation, paid-up capital etc. in good order and not require a Board Meeting to amend or update some details. If the company needs to place a new position in the immigration database that takes additional time.

Thanks Gravitas.
His company is a multinational corporation, and the agents they're using to arrange his EP are also a well known solicitor/immigration firm. Apparently they've checked all the paperwork and it seems to be in order, so 5-7 days would be ideal (we'd like to know if we're actually relocating or not as the company would like him to start asap). We're UK citizens, so no other steps are required for now, I suppose.
It'd be interesting to know other users experiences.

Thanks again!

You will need a Dependent Pass. Check you have the required paperwork for this application. It can mean certified true copy of marriage certificate etc.

Quick update: my husband's company has now submitted the EP + DP application via the ESD website.
I checked for the application status online and thankfully it does appear on the system.
The agents mentioned it should take 10 to 15 working days for it to get approved (or rejected).
I'll keep you posted on how long it takes, as it may help others in a similar situation (although the timeline may be different for non-UK citizens).
I also received an offer from a Malaysian institution, but we agreed that - if my husband's EP gets approved - we will try to convert my DP into an EP once I'm in Malaysia.

You should apply for your EP now. It's not sensible to get the DP then cancel it and put in an application for an EP. Pure waste of everyone's time and money

I agree and that is what I initially did.
By the time my husband's company had all the paperwork in order, my company were far from ready to submit my documents and failed to keep me updated regarding what they were doing.
I explained that there was no way I was going to wait in the UK while my husband was ready to depart to Malaysia with our daughter, especially if say my EP got rejected. We needed to relocate as a family, not as single individuals. Therefore we all agreed that I will try the DP to EP route once I am settled.

Hello again : )

So my husband's company solicitors applied for his EP and our DP exactly 4 days ago, and we checked the ESD website today. It says "Pass Approval Stage".
Does it mean that our application is 100% approved? How long it may take to get to the next step (Pass Issuance Stage)?

Thank you

No - it means what it says - it's at the Approval process stage. The approval has not been given yet.

I see.
I thought that if the application was unsuccessful they would have notified us already by stating "reject".  Because the definition of our current status Pass Approval Stage is - according to their website - the following: "The application is successful and pending for pass approval" I thought we were successful. So do you reckon there is still a chance it may get rejected? Has this passed the "Decision stage"?

Thank you for your time.

It just means the application i.e. paperwork submitted, has been successful. Nothing more.

Hi, I have a similar situation for EP approval. How long did it take to get to Pass Issuance Stage in your case? Does "successful" mean all documents provided are verified and confirmed to have met all requirements?

Thanks for your help.

Any update on this for you?

Hi!any update on this? How many days did it took to pass and advance to issuance stage?

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