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Hey All,

  Ill be moving to Ho Chi Minh November 1st and was wondering how the western food scene is? I cannot wait to get my hands on every flavor profile Vietnam has to offer, but as a chef here in the states I was wondering how the process is to become a chef in Vietnam is? Is it possible to be a western chef in Vietnam without working in a hotel? Can you start your own restaurant?

Just curious to see if there are any chefs on this site that can help, or if anyone has some insight! Thanks for the help!

Hi Chef,

You could start your own business; however, you'd better get an attorney/law adviser for your own to make sure you won't miss due procedure for business application. Initially, make a good budget for your business (in my opinion min. 15,000 USD for the first 3 months including location renting fee) and spend some time searching for location which you think fit for your business (if you intend to serve mainly expats, dist. 3 and 7 are recommended). Wish you luck!

Thank you I appreciate it!

Hi tytyjojo,

Welcome to Vietnam!

I guess you’re here already if there is no changes in your plan. How is everything so far? I think you have made up some acquainting points over here right? I am interested in F&B businesses and I have a contact who is currently working in the industry that can give some suggestions as well as consulting services over establishing a business in Vietnam.
I also can assist you to make ways around for a closer look to western eateries.
Just tell me if you are interested.

Wish you the best,

Geoffrey Le


I just landed in Ho Chi Minh today! We spent some time in Bangkok before we made the jump. I have nothing lined up at all at the moment, and I am definitely looking for opportunities for my brother and myself in the industry. If you have any leads or positions, PLEASE let me know! I am ready to work and begin a successful career here in Vietnam.


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