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Hi all, first time on here. We are looking at buying a place in the city of Alicante as our escape place,and are popping over to look around end of September 2018, looking for advice about Estate Agent, VR CASAS, they seem to concentrate on the cheaper side of property. Also, any particular areas to avoid in the city, crime rates, transport etc etc, any advice would be much appreciated, Cheers. 😃

Hello. I live in Alicante with my family and wife, who is Spanish. We live in a home in the San Anton bajo neighborhood, which I like a lot because there is little traffic, the building codes here limit homes to be three stories high, and we are close to the city center, a short walk to the central market, ADDA, MARQ, las Cigarreras, the Teatro central, government offices, Postiguet beach, etc. Any advice depends on what you value and what you dislike. Some neighborhoods in the city center are noisy. Apartments are generally more expensive closer to the city center and the higher, the more expensive depending on the view. As an American, I consider all of Alicante to be safe, but the more conflictive areas are in North Alicante, colonia requena y juan xxiii primer sector. For the most part, the foreigners that I know in Alicante are married to locals, but I do know an American couple that is retired and living in Benalua, who bought an apartment.  You might also communicate with the Americans in Alicante blog, go to There are quite a few Americans there that can help.

Hi Keith,

How did you get on with your search in Alicante?

I am also looking at the same estate agents and properties in Juan XXIII

Did you buy over there what feel did you get for the place and Is it worth going over to view? 



My wife and I are recently arrived retirees from the US. Given the relatively low rental prices in Alicante, we opted to rent until -- if ever -- buying made more sense. As renters, if we decide we'd rather relocate to another part of the country after a year, we can easily do so.

We saw far too many apartments that have been on the market for years, leading me to think that once you buy you may be stuck with something you can't easily liquidate if circumstances change.

If you are legally in spain then of course you can live anywhere in spain that you wish.  You just need to register your change of address.

Bit like if I live legally I FL I can move to CA etc

Selling any property in Spain can be a tad difficult. There is still no firm market yet, just made up fantasy prices by owners and estate agents.

If you are renting you can move wherever you want whenever you want, but don’t forget to return your library books.


My wife and I are considering a number locales for retirement and Spain keeps popping up as an option. We have about 3 years to make the decision and then get paperwork in order. Alicante has been recommended by an expat who has resided in Spain for 40 years.

I would appreciate any information you might be able to share, especially the cost of living on a day to day basis, utility costs, etc. We are coming from KCMO, which, relatively speaking has a low COL, but in retirement, that remains an issue. There are other factors that are influencing the decision to immigrate, as well.

Renting sounds like the way to go, as I have been in communication with a couple from the Atlanta area who recently relocated further south.


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