Importing a car or not. What to consider

Hello all.

I am recently moved to Austria, from Italy, for work reasons. With me I have a car on my parent´s name, bought 2 years and half ago in Italy, brand new. The car is really small in term of power, 55kW, Diesel.
Now, due to possible work-related shifts, during the next year I may be moved in Germany, Italy, or (but this will be on my choice) if I want I can stay in Austria, but also on a different city.
I am writing because I have few difficulties on getting the pro and cons here and I may have a big lack of knowledge.

Let's assume that if I want to stay, say more than 5 years or so, it make sense to put foreign plates and so on, or maybe sell and buy another one if needed.

But due to my period, which is within 1 and 3 years, what shall be the best in order to not waste too much money? I thought to few options here:

1. Regularize the car. If I have to move, I will sell in Austria or reimport, accordingly to the taxes provided. Oh, I also heard that if I regularize in Vienna, then move to Linz, I have to change the plate number again (with L or whatever instead of W), otherwise risk a new fine. This seems odd to me. Also, I may not always stay in the same city after one year, if I will stay in Austria.

  --> PRO = regular, good use of money (not too much waste) if the car is used.
  --> CONS = if going back to Italy, costs are really big (like double compared to importing to Austria), waste in exchanging to new country. Selling may be time consuming, selling means loosing money since the car was new (40%/50% is lost according to the market)

2. Sell now the car in Italy. Rent here if I need to travel.

  --> PRO = don't have a car, no issues, can be rented or bought again a small one, if really needed
  --> CONS = Again loosing money and time if sold, and renting may be expensive if travelling many times far (I don't know yet what people may spend on renting a car)

3. Keeping it owned by a parent, using it in Austria with a delegation/consent to use it. Decide after 1 or 2 year what to do. The longer term plans will be much easier after this amount of time, for some unrelated reasons. Apparently it is possible, but I am not 100% sure.

  --> PRO = relatively cheap, don't have to sell the car with urgency (give time to sell if will not be needed)
  --> CONS = may be not always be permitted, eventual fines will overcome the saved money. Not feasible for longer periods.

I was thinking to go with the option #3, but I have to discover how and up to what extent this can be done.

Please forward me in the right session if this is wrong.
Thanks to everyone!

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