Thoughts on family income?

Had anyone here had thoughts about overall family income and how would it work out? I am currently in midst of serious introspection.

- I want to take the offer - role is attractive.
- Wife loses job, hope to get a new one. This may or may not be possible.
- Savings in MYR would be slightly more than combined savings now.

Such a difficult call to make

1. Should I prioritise wife's career over mine? We have discussed this at length - she wants me to take it. She is being supportive. But am I acting selfish?

2. If she gets a job it will be a booster dose for our financial situation but that is an IF.

3. The role for me will open up possibilities in future.

God - such a difficult call!

What do you think expats?

Come to Malaysia. You have your wife's support. What more do you want. As long as she is 100% aware  of the lack of employment opportunities. It may only last a year or so, but worth the experience. She might want to update her skills through study. I think on RPT wife can work (but that's 3 years down the line). Opening a local business is not going to be very feasible so if that's in her mind, it should be put in perspective.

You hit the nail.on its head.

You shared a link for banking jobs with me on another post. My wife saw that and also spoke of studying -  MBA. I am supportive of that.

I will certainly get a better quality of life. Wife will get to spend time with the kiddo and probably uncertainties will go away.

Honestly I am a realist-pessimist. So unless everything is perfect I worry. If one could measure stress using a machine - mine would be off the charts. Hehe.

I appreciate the support.


Just aim for a minimum BASIC salary of RM15k if possible bearing in mind the RPT carrot. Extras don't count in the RPT application.

Check the contract for details of EPF. Foreigners don't automatically get the 12% employer contribution. Triple query this part. It's at the discretion of the employer and there have been cases where company have reneged on agreement after arrival so its important to home in on this detail.

Thanks Gravitas.

This 15K is gross right.
The EPF part is sorted. I have a written confirmation on this.

Yes, gross, basic. Any perks on top. The contract must state this basic figure clearly.


I checked Talent Corp website too. It says spouse allowed to work on RPT dependent pass. While there is time for this, it's good to know.

I wasn't aware of this. Thanks for letting me know.

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