safest way to send $$ from Aust. to Davao

Can someone advise the cheapest and safest way to have a regular monthly money transfer from Australia to Davao. AUD $1,600

Bank to bank  transfer is safe, cheap and fast.

I suggest trying out PayPal. It has worked for me and my family, using the friends and family options also eliminates the fees, but then again this is mainly used for business. I'd really urge you to consider PayPal, or at least take a look at it.

World Remit for me.  Works well.

As Richard said "bank to bank" works if you have a bank account in PH.
pej rightly states money transfer companies, plenty of these companies about and they give a better exchange rate as a rule and as a regular transfer you may get a better deal, ask them but again you need an account to deposit to.
If it's a pension then talk to or if a draw down from your super talk to them and see what they can do and what the costs are, good luck.

Cheers, Steve.

With World Remit can you pick it up at any Palwan or other money out let shop.

thanks for the ideas, now i will start investigating

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