Looking for tennis partners

Anyone interested in tennis ? Whether it’s learning how to play I can teach you for free or even just a hitting partner.

Am interested to learn but the issue is that am not in Kuwait

Where are you?

Am in Dubia

Where are you located?

am intrest am in Kuwait


I'm interested to play tennis. Novice but very interested to learn.

Hello there
I have seen people using tennis courts at boulevard park in salmiya. Are there any interested folks who wish to play tennis in the evenings.

Heey there,
I might join in free time, which area you are?

Sounds good. I live in Salmiya so hope to use the Boulevard Park court. How does that work out for you

[at]minzanurag I live in salmiya too.. are you still up for playing in boulevard ?

Hey. Yes that sounds good. I am mostly a beginner.

where and when and how much? +***

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