Working in Ukraine as a expat 2018

Hello, I would like to ask you for some advice regarding work in Ukraine.

I experienced that it’s rather difficult to get in to the Ukrainian employee market for some reason; mostly because of the work permit that is needed and Ukrainian companies must convince the government why they employ a foreigner instead of native citizen. This is of course something I respect but in the same way I wonder if it wouldn’t be beneficial for the country to hire qualified personnel from abroad to help the companies grow and develop and become more attractive in general.

I would really appreciate if you could help me with some tips about which companies would be the biggest chance to actually find an opening and what other factors is the most important when looking for a job as a foreigner?

Any expat here experienced some success reaching the Ukrainian job market?


Hi, Alex.
Expats in Ukraine are mostly working in big international corporations and in international organizations such as UN. For Ukrainian companies it is to expensive to hire expats. Ukrainian workers are cheaper. Some ukrainian companies hire expats at top-management level to be more attractive at international markets, but it is rare when expats are working at middle-management or specialist positions.
I am working at finance sphere and I don't know successful stories about expats present time. But 10 years ago there where many expats in this sphere. May be present time it is possible to find successful expats in IT or in Agricultural sphere.

Thank you for your input! I also think international companies will be the best chance to find a job.
Please if anyone else can share there experiences I will be happy!

Generally, it is difficult for expats to get work permits in the first place. If you read some of my other posts here, you will find that I have been going through this process for the last 9 months - not just work permit, but visa and residency permit too. Everything required to live and work in Ukraine.

It's not impossible, but I think it is another factor which makes it difficult to employ expats in Ukraine.

As suggested, IT Companies seem to be the best bet for expats. Ukraine is highly successful in the IT Industry and most likely to take on expats in addition to Ukrainians.

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