free, open tea tasting at the Dusit zoo in Bangkok, August 18th

I've been experimenting with the idea of holding open tea tastings and this will be a second go at it.  The first was in Benjasiri park three weeks ago, a bit limited for attendance but that worked out.

This time I'll hold one at the Dusit Zoo.  That zoo is closing by the end of this month so whether you go to this tasting or not you might want to drop by there.  It was a Royal nature preserve 80 years ago, before becoming a zoo, so it's one of the few places in Bangkok with really old natural plant growth.  There's a tram that circles the grounds there, a kids' playground, paddle boats on a small lake area, and some other things to do even beyond them having zoo animals.

About the tasting, it will be on the informal side, and free; I wouldn't even accept donations since the point is to share it (I'm not a vendor, just obsessive about this beverage interest).

Last time we tried aged shou mei (white tea), silver needle (another white), a couple of green teas, Thai black tea made in a Yunnan / Dian Hong style, shou pu'er (fermented Yunnan tea), and a Thai version of sheng pu'er, a non-fermented type related to shou.  It will be like that, just with different teas.

The event is in the food court seating area there, beside the elephants and acrobatics show area, from 10 AM to 12.  That should allow for people to have a lunch there--maybe with even more tea--then get out and see some of the zoo.  More specifics are in this notice:

It seemed it would be easy to find the one food court in that zoo, but here's a Maps pin to make it all the easier:

A description of how that went, and what it was all about: … -open.html

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