Requires advice for guardian visa

Need advice for my guardian pass and dependent pass

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Assalamualaikum wrt wbt;
      My name is Thi Tar Win and my three daughters studying in Sekolah rendah Setiabudi at std6,5 and 2.All my daughter got their student pass already,before this their student pass cannot continue because their father working permit .After that we cancel their father work permit and we paid our compound and go back .Now we return back and continue school and all student got their students permit.But for guardian pass and dependent passthe new immigration law needs health insurance and me already buy it.and then I go to jalan duta immigration office the officer said I can’t apply my guardian pass just because of my bank statements,which need to be sent from Myanmar.In the form of guardian pass requirements their written Original passport of parents  and return ticket for spouse.So For apply my guardian pass ,I call my husband to show his original passport and also have returned tickets.But the officer said for guardian pass process ,my husband should go back to negara asal.So I said ,he will go within two days but she said even he go back I cannot apply for my guardian pass because of bank statement.So my all daughters were need to exam so far and I have no idea to extend my visa.If both of as go back who will take care of them.So pls advise me how to do.
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Thi Tar Win @Razia

It's correct, proof of overseas income is required for a Guardian Visa.

(If your husband's salary is under RM5k then no DP visas.)

Guardian visa only if he is employed outside Malaysia.

Guardians don't need to be the parents of the children, but can be someone who is their legal guardian

Ya the income is oversea and but there is one difficulty that bf we can apply guardian visa ,now they change the law that oversea income need to show in my bank account in Malaysia which is newly and how to do 3months bank statement.

You need to wait 3 months to apply if you just opened a Malaysian bank account.

Did immigration tell you how much income you need each month?  I thought it was RM5000

They said monthly 10000RM ,I can show but I can’t wait outside Malaysia to complete 3months statement as my daughters need to sit exam so 1+1 social Visa is expiring soon on 25 to do,If there any agent who can process my visa I want to connect.

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