WHere to get a certificate of health?

Hi there ,
So I’ve recentky been offered a job as a nanny, and the family wants a certificate of good health ( making sure I don’t have any funny diseases and all), it’s manadatory to have it when working in childcare. I’ve asked around but all I hear about is the “Gesundheitszeugnis” which is usually for people who work in gastronomy/ restaurants, and that’s clearly not what they want.
So Where would I get something like that and what is it called ?
Lina :)

Yes, there is a document called an Ärztliche Bescheinigung that you can get filled out by your family physician. This is required for some jobs or training that deal with kids. I’m not sure if there is any legal requirement for a private nanny job but it would give the parents some peace of mind. I am posting a link to a site that shows what the certificate looks like.

Basically it certifies that the person doesn’t have; major sight or hearing problems that cannot be corrected, a communicable disease, debilitating lung or heart problems, serious mobility problems especially with the hands, uncontrollable seizures, serious mental or behavioral conditions, drug or alcohol dependency or other physical or mental conditions that would limit ones abilities.

https://www.nuernberg.de/imperia/md/ber … nigung.pdf

Awesome , thanks a lot for the info 😊

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