KITAP cancellation

KITAP cancellation :

Indonesian Immigration Law UU6-2011

Article 62

1. Permanent Stay Permit may terminate due to holder
of Permanent Stay Permit:

a. Leave the Indonesian Territory more than 1
(one) year or has no longer intent to reenter
the Indonesian Territory.

b. Does not apply a renewal of Permanent Stay
Permit after 5 (five) years;

c. Obtains the citizenship of the Republic of

d. His/her permit is cancelled by the Minister


a designated Immigration Officer;

e. Subject to Deportation action; or

f. Death.

2. Permanent Stay Permit shall be cancelled due to a
holder of Permanent Stay Permit:

a. Found to perpetrate criminal act against the
State as set forth in laws and regulations;

b. Undertakes activities that endanger the State

c. Violates an Integration Statement;

d. Employs foreign worker without work permit;

e. Provides incorrect information in filing an
application of Permanent Stay Permit;

f. Such foreigner is subject to Immigration
Administrative Action;


g. Marital breakup of the Foreigner who is legally
married to an Indonesian citizen due to divorce
and/or upon court verdict, unless such marriage
has been ten (10) years old or more.


in case of divorce after 3 years married, the in indonesian wife want that and they have a child, the forgein husband hold kitap under her sponsorship.. the Question is:
is it allowed to forgein search fo new indonesian person to be his new sponsor instead of wife, after legal divorce, or his kid can be his sponsor ?

Foreigner can have a new sponsor, visa will not be anymore kitap,child cannot sponsor his father.

If you need help pm me.


could you please explain thet “ visa will not be kitap anymore “? 
thank you

Do you mean he will be overstay after that  ??
he must apply for new social visa or with old visa convert to other sponser and what is the procedures for do that ?

Visa available for foreigner after kitap (if cancelled)


If you break up before 5 years of marriage you must cancel the KITAS or KITAP but there's nothing stopping remarriage and a new sponsor.

May i ask Fred ,
is that mean the kitap cancelled automatically by the divorce certificate or till the expire date ?
or there is a period of time to leave the country and apply for new visa sponsored by other person or can from inside the state ?
- if the new sponsor is indonesia friend not new spouse or wife is that fine and acceptable?
please i need more explanation guys..

A spouse sponsored KITAS must be surrendered on divorce, that usually meaning leaving the country, but you might be able to get an alternative visa such as a sosbud without doing so.

- if the new sponsor is indonesia friend not new spouse or wife is that fine and acceptable?

Can,visa is b211,60days and extendable every month (4x)

If your 55 years old can process 319 visa.

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