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Hi i am saif from india..
I already complaint labour court for my work issue.Coming 16.8.2018 investication..i am a computer operator but now working labour work like loading unloading like sponser know somebody in labour court i have full evidence..but sponser powerfull now i am affraid so pls tell any advoice

Hi Saif144910,

Immediately seek the help and support of the Indian Embassy officials to meditate on your behalf.

If you are represented by your country's embassy, your sponsor's 'contacts' and influences cannot really work against you.

Friend i already complaint embassy after that casr move on labour court..i affraid about this case take too much time?

Hi Saif144910,

If you have handed over your case to the Indian Embassy, then why are you worried ?

They will help you out. Now it is their responsibility, as much as it is yours.

So let the Embassy officials handle it for you.

Ok friend thank you for care

i need to know i have full evidence video recording photos also..coming 16.8.2018 investication but i affraid only case take too much time?

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