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Hi my name is Kelli. Does anyone know if it is necessary to get a long term visa  before moving to France with my French husband? I am finding conflicting info online. Some websites indicate that the spouse simply has to check in at the consulate within two months of arrival  on France to complete the appropriate paperwork. While other websites indicate that the spouse has to have applied in US for a long term visa. It's a little confusing. Thanks if anyone can clarify!

I would contact your nearest embassy in the US to get the answer.

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@ KRowland, you may verify here, please specify the type of stay (up to 90 days or more than 90 days, requirements differ)

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I see that you're American, currently living in Pennsylvania. This means your French consulate is Washington DC ( … s-usa.html).
If you want to move to France, and your husband is French, then you need a visa. (If your husband were a citizen of a different EU country, then you would just go, and check in with your French préfecture when you get there - often, this is where the confusion comes in).
The process has recently changed, so my experience even a year and a half ago will not be the same (exactly) as yours. But similar :-)
Go here, and follow the directions:
You can read about my experience here: … -visa.html … pdate.html
And the renewal … -card.html
Good luck!

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