Looking for Nanny job

Hi my name is Jane from Kenya 45years of age looking for a Nanny job am high school level learned little german.if there is a couple or single family looking for a Nanny kindly let me know.i would wish to work in Europe Hessen.thanks in advance Jane.

If you have legal residency and permission to work in Germany then of course you could look for such jobs. But to get a work visa for someone from outside of the EU you need to have education and skills that are in shortage in Europe. No visa's will be given for such a job which will be considered unskilled labor. If you hadn't heard Germany took in over 1 million asylum seekers over the last 4 years or so. Plus citizens of Bulgaria and Romania, which are quite poor, now have rights as EU citizens to come and look for jobs. Thus there are plenty of people in Germany looking for unskilled job positions already.

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