Looking to buy a used macbook air or ipad with keyboard


My computer was lost on the flight over and need to buy a new one. Is anyone looking to sell theirs? I'm based in Ubud.



New Macs are easy but seconds (That's the common term for second hand/used here) in good condition should be available.
Look on OLX and Kaskus - fair chance you'll get a reasonable one but make sure you negatiate hard in order to get a good price.
If there's no special reason for a Mac, PCs of all types are very easy and cheap to buy.

You could try placing an ad in the Bali Advertiser as I think it's important to be able to check it thoroughly before buying a Macbook Air or an ipad. At least that way you'll get to see the item before paying for it.

Also beware of stolen goods. Things such as cameras, laptops and mobile phones are commonly offered for sale in Bali and I would not want to buy anything stolen as a matter of principal and as it could lead to serious trouble later on.

My only other comment is that I really wonder who would want to sell a Macbook Air if it is good working order. I have a 13" one and it's invaluable when traveling.

But anyway, good luck with your search.

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