Life style n cost of living @ Olofstrom. Pl help.

Good day,

I am from India.
I am in discussion with a company regarding an opportunity in olofström location. Before saying ok, I want to plan certain things.
I will be shifting with my spouse and a 3 yrs kid.

Any information about flights to olofström from South India?
How much will be 2BHK apartment, in which location I can get?
Any Indian stores or community nearby?
Any day care schools for my kid?
info about schools and any international Schools.
How will be the job opportunities for my spouse in HR/Administration?
which location is preferable olofström or Gothenburg or södertälje/Stockholm?
Is 35000 sek before tax is enough for a moderate life style? Can I do any savings from that?

Thank you very much in advance.


The place you are talking about is quite a distance from big cities like Gothenburg, Stockholm or Malmo. Seems like Malmo is the closest. So all your answers perhaps are in Malmo. Although its possible to commute that far everyday but it isn't very advisable for a 35000 before tax salary. That place looks quite small so assumption on international school and Indian store is there are none.

HR in India is very different from HR job in Sweden. I think the biggest challenge is language and understanding of culture which doesn't happen in a day or two.

Hi ekhfaiz,
Thank you very much for your reply.
It will really helps me.

I think you better inform yourself about thst location is just too small city for what you expect.Whatever, if you choose  Guthemberg is ok but you resly must take a break and lesrn more about to live in Sweden

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