Immigration visits:

Immigration visits:

Indonesian Immigration Law UU6-2011

Article 74

1. Immigration Officer shall undertaken the function
   of Immigration Intelligence.
2. In the interest of implementing the function of
Immigration Intelligence, such Immigration Officer
shall undertake the Immigration investigation and
Immigration security and shall be authorized to:

a. Obtain information from people or government

b. Visit a place or building assumed to find out
any information about the presence and
activities of such Foreigner;

c. Undertake Immigration Intelligence operation;


d. Undertaken any security of Immigration data and
information and the security for implementation
of Immigration tasks.


... and they do it.
An immigration visit is something you don't want if you're doing anything wrong - Those guys know what they're doing and they have a nasty tendency to find out what's going on.
The good news is they know the type of targets they're after so the vast majority of expats will never get a visit outside the odd KITAS or KITAP application (and they skip a lot of expats for them) or other things such as a SKIM. The latter gets a serious visit, and they really go for it.

We get them at our site about 4 times a year, they look at names clocked in through security gate and visitors compare to information on immigration lap top usually 10 minute job and gone
The only red flags are them on business Visa and to see if on site or in the office maybe an extra 2 minutes and gone

The vast majority of expats in Indonesia have nothing to wlrry about, only illegal workers and those expats that cause problems being real targets.

This sort of thing. … ading.html … rkers.html

I recall immigration pulling people after they laft bars early morning some while ago, but I think that was the result of complaints (anyone remember and can link to it?)

They was a few in batam this year and last, around 4/6 Singapore military who entered batam with no travel documents/ passports , philipino hookers, expats not carrying passports (or photocopy of id page and entrance stamp or photo on phone is acceptable) and about 40 locals with no or incorrect ID I was out that night army navy and immigration all together
Loved the part the Singaporeans screaming you can’t do this to me “ bars and punters shouting back  o yes they can and they do byeee 😂 … -raid.html

This was my night out but been one this year I’m sure, due to have another anytime now

I've only had one official immigration visit, that was when I applied for a SKIM. They were pretty keen on making sure our marriage was real and I actually lived at the registered address. As there was nothing wrong, they didn't really have much to bother with so it was making sure, a coffee, and gone.
I'm led to understand other visits get a lot deeper and can raise serious for expats trying to pull the wool over immigration's eyes.

Immigration were raiding bars a few years ago and still do checks in malls and bars. If you carry your passport and documents then all is good otherwise they have the right to detain and also fine.  Copies whislt ok still aren't the real thing.

Home visits still happen depending on need or requirement. They do come announced and unannounced to businesses but they already know who they are looking for so it's wise not to lie or hide

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