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Hello everyone!

I am getting married early next year in Bali, Indonesia and I have to attain a Certificate of No Impediment.... can I obtain this from the UK before I go as I have limited amount of time?
If not, how long does it take to get from the british embassy.

Has anyone gone to the civil registry office in Bali to register an ‘notice of intention to marry’? Online it states that has to be done minimum 10 days before we marry.. can that be flexible? Because I’m landing 10 days before the wedding..

Hope anyone can shine some light. I’m going out of my mind!


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It's kind of like the reading "bans" in the UK; if I recall correctly, you can either pay someone to do it for you (Google will help) or go yourself to your local registry office and enquire there.  Don't forget it will need to be apostilled by the UK Government; so, either ask at your local registry office or check out the UK Gov website that deals with it; this link will take you there.

If you get started now, you can get it done yourself and not have to pay a load of cash to a 3rd party (who can only do it just as quick as you can).

Hope this helps.

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You need to ensure you follow the guidelines by the UK Gov website and also the Indonesian Embassy website. If it says 10 days then you it does need to be 10 days.

As far as I remember my certificate of no impediment had to be completed in the embassy in Jakarta and be on display for 3 weeks I think and I had to swear on a bible etc for this to happen.

But that was 6 years ago and in Jakarta. Search for the Indonesian Embassy website in the UK and follow their advice.

Easy peasy ... ish

You get the certificate from your local registry office but it's time limited so check with them before you apply.
You have to wait a short time as they have to post the wedding notice in their office for a given time by law.
I think it's valid for two months but that must be checked as it's from 12 year old memory so could have changed or just be plain wrong.

Get it legalised here

https://www.get-document-legalised.serv … ct-service

That looks after that much.
The wedding is slightly odd as far as UK rules are concerned as you have to be of the same religion as your intended.
A non Muslim wedding has more messing around than a Muslim wedding as far as local legal paperwork goes.

This country is lovely but paperwork is a really bad dream. Extend your holiday to 30 days (not a month) and your chances of avoiding cock ups is greatly increased.

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