Inquiry about American affidavit

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend,

To cut it short my fiance is coming to Egypt next month and we're planning to get married but she won't stay for too long and the marriage requires an American Affidavit which is issued and acquired from the US Embassy in Egypt, I was wondering if she can get the affidavit from the US and certify it at the notary in the US then use it over here in Egypt,

So any information about the certified Affidavit acquired from the US to be used here in Egypt for marriage ?

Thank you

I have never heard of any one getting it at the American Embassy in the states

but she can always try and let us all know if it is possible

you do know they only give a 30 day visa at the air port now

and very hard to get married in 30 days time with all the paper work

and translations that need to be done

good luck and keep us all posted we like happy endings

I am also going to Egypt to marry my Egyptian fiance. The affidavit has to come from the American embassy in Egypt.  I have a question does anyone know if my divorce papers have to be certified by Egyptian embassy in the United States.  Also my last name was not changed back after my divorce will that be a problem? Thank you for any help

Have her make an appointment online for the American embassy in Egypt so when she arrives she can get it there

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