Fast tracked visa

I did fast tracked my spouse visa, and they told me to wait for 12 weeks.
Then to resend some files more evidence about the salary.
My question is do it's still on the queue or I need to start asking for finale answer.
Help please it's urgent.

When did you send it? Can you give some dates, please?

Did you send them all the documents they asked for? Was the evidence they requested regarding the salary you earn in your home country?

I did sent the application on the 08/05/2018
Ànd with all evidence, they just get confused why my wife's salary is so high, so they asked for the net salary with no bonus and it's over 18,600£.
The lawyer put her email in my application and she didn't want to reply my msgs or to called them.
I don't know what to do.

Sorry, why would they get confused about a wage being so high? As long you can prove it, that's OK.

Maybe give it a few days, then if you have a number to phone, give them a call. Ask them to make sure they received all the documents?

Okey thanks so much, they sent me a email for confirmation that's the evidence are good.

Salam pls can u help me, i want to track my visa and i dont know how,  i applied from April and still not hear anything yet about it,  pls any help i will appreciate it
Thank u

I think it's to late to fast track it now,
You need to do it with the application,
It's useless I've fast track it, and same thing since April nothing, I don't know what they do over there.

thx for ur reply,  i dont know why they take sooo long , and pls tel me did u get Email About ur visa not straight forward or not?

I did receive nothing yet, they didn't reply my last email, all they said we'll pass the msg to the man who tracking the case, anyway if I've any news I'll share it with you.

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