Finding finance work in Zurich

Hi all,

My first post, nice to meet you all! I'm currently living and working in London in finance and am looking to move to Zurich and was just looking for some advice or some feedback on prospects for work etc.

I work for an Investment Management company in operations/back office. I've worked in finance in similar roles for about 6 years however have been in my current field for about a year. I don't have any post-education qualifications (educated up to degree level) and also I also only speak basic German (learning but still at beginner stage).

Does anyone know or have any ideas on whether I would be able to find work doing something similar to what I am now and what my chances of success in finding a role would be? Also if successful, what kind of salary I could expect to receive?

I have done some research however speaking to people is always so much more helpful so if anyone can answer any of the above or even just offer some advice I'd be very grateful!

Look forward to hearing from you!


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